Benefits of Staying in an Apartment Hotel

For many people, the only option that comes to mind when searching for mid-range accommodations for a vacation is a hotel. However, there is another option that is not only more affordable, but that also offers better service – Apartment hotels in Melbourne. Apartment hotels are unique because it is a fully furnished space that provides privacy, as well as the comforts of home, but it is operated like a hotel, including a full staff on-site.

Contrary to what many people think, an individual doesn’t have to be staying in the area for a long period of time to reap the benefits offered by apartment hotels in Melbourne. They are now also available on a short term basis. Learn more about these apartment hotels and the benefits they have to offer here.

Much More Space

One of the biggest upsides of a Melbourne apartment hotel is that it offers much more space than traditional hotels. Most of these locations have separate dining and living areas, with some even offering more divided spaces than that, depending on how much a person is ready to spend.

Convenient Configuration for Group or Family Traveling

In many cases, there are apartment hotel options available with several bedrooms and bathrooms off of a single community area. This can be ideal for anyone traveling with children, or with a group. Everyone will have their own space and privacy, but can still enjoy one another’s company in the communal space.

DIY Laundry Options

The majority of hotels are going to offer guests a laundry service. In most cases, this is one service you can live without because in an apartment hotel, the washer and dryer will be located in the room. This means a person can handle their laundry without having to leave the premises or paying the excessive costs the hotel charges to have it “sent out.”

The Cost

An apartment hotel is often going to be much more affordable than any equivalent hotel. There are some that are going to require you to book an entire week or month to get a suitable deal. Others will provide great rates for those who are planning to stay.

Keep in mind, not all apartment hotels are created equal. It is a good idea to take some time to get to know what is available so that a person can find a location that suits their name. More information about booking an apartment hotel can be found by contacting the staff at the Treasury on Collins.

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